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As the largest and leading supplier in the Nordic countries, we are able to deliver the full package of tires, rims and wheels. Our assortment of products cover the entire selection from the smallest 3” to the biggest 54”. Our product selection covers all qualities from budget to premium.


With 18 warehouses and a total 125.000 m2 we always keep more than 650.000 tires in stock.


With our unique logistic setup we are capable to adjust the delivery, in order to match your needs interms of storage, transit time and price. We are always able to supply exact the products your costumers demand.


We are experts in logistics and distribution, and we always strive to offer you the fastest and cheapest distribution solution for your goods.


With our own fleet of vans and trucks, we offer the best logistic solution in Denmark. In some places with deliveries twice a day. For exports, we cooperate with the leading transport companies that ensures the best possible freight solution for your goods.

We are always ready to support you and your customer. Your main contact person will always be the same. This to ensure that you always receive first class service by one of our skilled and experienced Key Account Managers.



We know that visibility in the market matters. We offer standardized and customized marketing material, and we are ready to support you from your initial idea through to the final result. In our marketing department we design:

  • Catalogues
  • Price lists
  • Articles
  • Advertisements in magazines and/or on the web
  • Merchandise
  • Etc.


We customize everything according to your needs. We help you ensure that you will meet the customers that benefits your business the most!


NDI has more than 40 years of experience in production of rims and dual wheels.

The rim production are able to produce almost all kind of rims dimensions, from the smallest to the largest sizes on the market. The tailormade rims and dual wheels are delivered in all common colors, according to the original colors on new tractors and agriculture machineriery.


Beside standard- and tailormade rims, NDI produce dual wheels systems.

AP+ Dual Wheels is the most common and popular dual wheel system in Denmark, and among the leading systems on the European marked. The system is easy to handle, and contains great advantages for the farmers.


Duofixx is a newer developed system launched in 2014. The system is up to 30% stronger than previous locks, and is mainly designed for tractors with 300 hp or more.


Read more about AP+ Dual Wheels


Read more about Duofixx


Since 1979 Euroband has been producing retread ties in effort to reduce the transport industry operating costs. Euroband has a production capacity at 35.000 tires early. 


The Euroband program of retread tires includes a complete program of TBR tires in two different price and quality levels.


We take time to retread your tires!



  • All casings are inspected to ensure they meet our high retreading standards.
  • Our inspectors check all casings visible, and scan all casings though a special casing scanner to ensure the body of the tire has a acceptable quality for a new life.
  • All smaller damages are repaired and quality checked before we build up the tread on the casing.
  • At last, we make a final inspection before the tire leaves our production.

Retread tires is a great choise in terms of price, quality and the environment.


Mega Wheels is NDI's "Private Brand" of alloy wheels in a modern design. The program contains a wide program for passenger cars, vans and SUV.



We have the best E-commerce solution for our customers. With easy access to all product groups, live stock-update from our warehouses and different configurators we are able to offer our customers a unique e-commerce solution.

Also, we are able to upload live stock and datafiles through different data models for our customers.