This page is updated continuously
Last update 19/3-2020


At NDI Group, we take COVID-19 very seriously and support the Governments’ efforts to ensure that societies and health care authorities can withstand the challenges we are facing as a global community.


We are taking every recommended measure and implement them on an ongoing basis across all our departments and facilities to ensure that:
1) Our staff is working in a safe environment
2) We, under the circumstances, uphold normality in operation
3) We continue to support our customers


We are continuously monitoring the development of the COVID-19 and information from the authorities so we quickly can take the proper precautions.


We are still able to deliver as usual and we are ready to serve our international customers by phone (+ 45) 76 15 10 50 or e-mail


We hope that together we can take the proper precautions, keep our distance and follow the recommendations from local Governments and together take the necessary steps towards normality.