Sale & Delivery terms.


This is valid for products delivered by NORDISK DÆK IMPORT A-S also refered to as: NDI.

This price list contains guiding prices for registered companies. All prices are w/o VAT and environmental fees. This price list cancels all earlier price lists and can be changed without further notice. 

Unusual stress and/or overload can be caused to tyres and tubes - therefore we cannot give a specific mileage- or other kinds of warranty. Tyres or tubes that seem to be faulty can be sent back to NDI franco containing the necessary information. If the survey shows that the cause of the fault is fabication or material, we will reimburse the order (provided that the product isn't older than 6 years from the production date or 5 years from the purchase date). 

Product liability
Reimbursement for damage to e.g. people or consumer products is done in accordance with the law regarding product responsiblity. NDI is only responsible for damage to property or movables, if it can be proven that the damage cause was faults or neglections executed by NDI. NDI is not responsible for operating loss, lost earnings or other indirect losses. In this case NDI can be charged with product liability concerning the third party, but the buyer is obliged to keep NDI damage free in the same extent. If the third party submits demands versus one of the other parties regarding reimbursement claims, this party must immediately contact the other one about this. 

Return policies

Concerning wishes regarding returns on correct products within 30 days post delivery date, the following fee will be withdrawn from the actual products price:
-  Undamaged and unassembled tyres and steel rims - 10%
- Undamaged and unassembled aluminium rims and batteries in original intact packing - 10%
- Undamaged cleaned tyres and rims assembled to complete wheels (dismounted) - 20%

Tyres, rims and complete wheels that has been mounted on a vehicle is not returnable.
Aluminium rims and batteries without the original packing or in damaged packing is not returnable.
Painted or custom made agricultural rims and twin-wheels is not returnable.
Products purchased 30 days or more ago is not returnable.

Prices are subject to changes.