The NDI Group builds new tire storage facility in Norway


At the end of October, the NDI Group and Pareto Eiendomsselskab in Norway finalized a contract about constructing a new, 23.000 square meter central tire storage facility in Norway.

The date has now been set for the construction of a new, central tire storage warehouse in Norway. In January, the facility will, according to the plan, begin. The new facility will be located approximately 40 kilometers south of Oslo in the quickly growing industrial area, Vestby.

- We are delighted that the construction can finally begin. We have been talking about the project for many years, but it naturally took some time to do all the calculations, Torbjörn Skilbred Aune, head of operations at NDI Norway, says.

According to the plan, the new, large tire storage facility should be finished in the summer of 2022. Its purpose is to help strengthen the NDI Group in the Norwegian market following the corporate strategy.

- The building will be tailored to our product range and logistics, and all the categories of our products of NDI Norway will be present. We have a strong belief in our position on the Norwegian market in the future as an independent supplier with a strong delivery capacity. Therefore, the central tire facility is built to accommodate the growth in the future years, says Torbjörn Skilbred Aune, head of operations at NDI Norway.

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