New canteen and showroom inaugurated


The NDI Group has inaugurated a new canteen and showroom at the corporate headquarters in Brørup to give guests and other visitors a better experience and make the NDI Group more attractive as a workplace.

At the beginning of 2020, the construction of the new facade and entrance area started the NDI Group as part of bigger plans to renew the facilities at the headquarters in Brørup. The renovation- and renewal work is now done, and thereby the new showroom and canteen are also finished.

- We are delighted now to open the doors to our new showroom and canteen in Brørup. With the new showroom, we get a new, attractive area for our customers with a café area, meeting rooms and a small exhibition where we according to the plan will have a selected car exhibited – all done to give our customers and visitors a better experience, tells CEO at the NDI Group, René Kristensen.

Apart from the new showroom, a new canteen has also been constructed at the NDI Group and a lunch program for the employees.

- An essential part of the renewal was also a new canteen with an in-house kitchen. Every day, the employees can thereby get food along with customers and others, who may be visiting us. In this way, we also wish to create more value for our employees, says René Kristensen.

In connection with the lunch program’s implementation, the first head chef at the NDI Group has also been hired along with kitchen staff. They are all employed through Kokkenes Køkken, who is in charge of the canteen.

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