NDI Group expands in Finland


With a new tire storage facility the NDI Group aims to strengthen its position in Finland and give the customers access to an even bigger selection of tires and a more efficient delivery.

The last tires have now been moved into a new, 9600 square meter tire storage facility near the city of Turky in Finland. The expansion is happening as a result of the ambitions at the NDI Group to expand its overall presence in the north.

- The new, larger tire storage facility is a concrete result of our ambitions to invest in the Nordic tire market. We have been present at the Finnish market since 2011, and with the development we have seen the last years, it is time to invest in the future and increase the capacity and efficiency of our tire facility, tells René Kristensen, CEO at the NDI Group.

With the expansion, NDI Finland will be able to offer the customes an even bigger selection of tires to nearly all kinds of vehicles.

- We will continue delivering tires for cars, vans, trucks, and busses from the manufactorers of Toyo, Nordexx, Falken, and Marshal, as well as tires for farming- and industrial machines from Alliance, among others, tells Arto Somero, General Manager at NDI Finland.

- But in the future, it will be done from Masku, which is closer located to our customers in Southern Finland to help us having an even stronger position on the market, he adds.

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