Gregers Lindvig hired as new export manager 

APRIL 22TH 2021

Gregers Lindvig has been hired as the new export manager in the car- and van division at the NDI Group. In this role, his focus will be to strengthen the development of the private label brand tire brand of Nordexx.

With his responsibilities of developing the private label brand of Nordexx, Gregers Lindvig will play an important role in growing the presence of the NDI Group on the global tire market.

Gregers Lindvig is already familiar with Nordexx, as he from 2012 to 2018 played a crucial role in establishing NDI in China. In this position, he also helped to create Nordexx, the private label tire brand of the NDI Group, that the company today exports to more than 60 different countries.

- I look forward to starting again at NDI and in my role as export manager to strengthen the brand and presence of Nordexx, which is among our key focus areas. We have a very competent team that has built up many good things, which I look very much forward to develop further, says Gregers Lindvig, who speaks fluent Chinese and comes with more than ten years of experience as an expatriate in China in several leading positions, primarily focused on exports and sales.

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