NDI Group and SEGES launches VF tire experiment

MAY 7TH 2021

The NDI Group has, in collaboration with the company of SEGES, started a scientific experiment to analyze the benefits of using VF tires with variable tire pressure regulation.

VF tires that allow driving with variable tire pressure are becoming increasingly popular in the farming industry. SEGES, a farming company that aims to connect scientific research with the farming industry, has followed the development of VF-tires as it opens new opportunities for farmers to increase the efficiency and sustainability of their farming methods.

- We started the collaboration with the NDI Group to start an experiment to help create knowledge about what is the real benefits of choosing VF tires, tells Henning Sjørslev Lyngvig, farming consultant in the area of field technique at SEGES, and who has many years of experience as a farming consultant as well as a farmer.

Valuable collaboration
The experiment, in which the NDI Group helped supplying tires from Alliance, will be held from when the sowing season begins until the harvest is done. In the end, the full results of driving with VF tires can be assessed.

- We are naturally interested in getting an independent assessment of the benefits of VF-tires from experts to provide our customers in the farming industry with the best possible guidance based on scientific experiments and data. We are delighted to get the opportunity to collaborate with SEGES on this test. With their strong focus on research, science, and their high level of professionalism, SEGES creates a lot of value for us, says Jakob Scheel Nannberg, sales manager in the agricultural department at the NDI Group.

Reduced tread depth
Even though the experiment has only begun, as the first phase was launched in the end of April, the first results can, according to Henning Sjørslev Lyngvig, already be seen:

- In the first part of the experiment, we drove with a tractor, and a slurry tanker started driving on conventional tires and after that on VF tires from Alliance. Although we are only in the first phase of the experiment, we could already see a big difference in the field. We had a tread depth of 79 millimeters with the traditional tires, while the tread depth with the VF tires was 45 millimeters. I was surprised about how big the difference was in the tread depth was, he tells.

According to Allan Pedersen, the CCO of the NDI Group, the experiment is connected to the focus of the NDI Group to deliver the optimal solutions to the farming industry in all of the season and its seasonal farming practices.

- We have collaborated with our suppliers for many years and developed unique knowledge and experience in the area. The collaboration with SEGES is one out of many things we do to ensure that we lead by our knowledge and expertise within our business areas. In this way, we can offer our customers the best possible guidance together with our quick delivery and the broad range of products, Allan Pedersen tells.

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