NDI Group expands its production of customized rim solutions


As a result of increased global demand for customized rim solutions for the farming industry, NDI Group has taken the first step in expanding its production facility to increase the capacity at the rim factory in Brørup, Denmark.

In the financial year of 2020/2021, the NDI Group set a new record in the number of specialized rim solutions for farming- and industrial machines produced at the factory in Brørup. The factory has produced specialized rim solutions for more than 40 years. The increased demand has created busyness in the factory and the agricultural department of the NDI Group that delivers to customers in the Nordics and on the global tire- and wheel market with customers as far as New Zealand and Japan.

- We have reached a point in which we cannot keep up with the demand unless we expand our production capacity. We have had the ambition to expand our production already for some years. However, this summer, we finally managed to realize the plans. So now, we can start the building process and upgrade our equipment, tells Michael Engsig, Global Logistics Director at the NDI Group and responsible for the production expansion.

Quick delivery and high quality
In the latest years, the NDI Group has experienced a continuously increased interest from among other the farming industry and customers from the construction industry, and others in need of custom-made solutions for their machinery.

- We experience a significant and still growing interest from farmers, who are interested in our solutions that are characterized by their high quality. Also, we offer many customization opportunities to tailor our solutions to the customers' individual needs to a very high degree. Finally, we also provide quick delivery. No matter if it is just a single set of rims or rims for a big fleet, says Jakob Nannberg Scheel, sales manager in the agricultural department of the NDI Group.

Strengthened export opportunities
Carsten Andersen, export manager in the agricultural department, also sees many opportunities in increasing the capacity on the factory that he also believes will open new opportunities on the global market.

- There is a global demand for our rims for customers in the agricultural and industrial businesses. One of the reasons why the customers choose us is the quick production time combined with our quality that is among the best in Europe, he says and continues:

- When we start using the new production facilities, it is our clear expectation that our delivery time will be even quicker and we will be better able to deliver large orders. So it will give us a stronger position on the global export markets, Carsten Andersen says.

Besides producing specialized rim solutions, the NDI Group is also the Nordic importer and distributor of the tire brands Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex that is owned by the global tire company Yokohama OHT.

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