New user-friendly web shop implemented in the Nordics


As part of its strategic focus on digitization, the NDI Group has implemented a new webshop in all Nordic countries to make it easier for customers to buy tires and rims at NDI.

The NDI group has implemented a new, user-friendly, and optimized webshop at NDI Finland. With the implementation in Finland, all the Nordic countries in which the NDI Group is present have implemented the new, user-friendly webshop.

- We are experiencing an increased need for flexibility from our customers related to ordering tires and rims. There should not be any limitations in the time of the day to place your order, and it should be as easy as possible to do it. We have to be easily available all the time, and that is what we also offer with our webshop, tells CCO at the NDI Group, Allan Pedersen.

Continuous improvement
The ambition of developing a new webshop to ensure the customers the best possible user experiences was created in 2019 when the NDI Group launched its 2024-strategy:

- Digitization is one of our strategic drivers, so our ambitions about developing new, customer-centric digital solutions are big. We have chosen to create our solutions ourselves, so we along the way can adapt them very accurately to the needs and wishes of our customers, Allan Pedersen tells and continues:

- To ensure that we satisfy the expectations from our customers about user-friendliness and convenience, we constantly measure the Customer Effort Score (CES) on our webshop to ensure continuous improvement. The customer should spend as little time as possible and at the same time trust that we have correct data, so both tires and rims fit the vehicle perfectly. In this way, we also minimize the risk of customer complaints. Here, we collaborate with DriveRight – an independent fitment data provider to the wheel and tire industry – to help us ensure our data quality.

Convenience is everything
Even though the NDI Group has now nearly worked two years to develop the new webshop and implement it in the Nordic countries, the work is far from finished:

- Digitization and webshop development is continuous “work in progress.” We will keep a constant focus on developing customer-centric functions in the webshop that make it easy to use it for our customers themselves or directly towards the end-user Allan Pedersen says and continues:

- We know it must be easy and intuitive to use our solution to continuously convert manual orders to digital orders For this reason, we try all the time to work from the idea that “convenience is everything” in what we develop. We expect within a short time horizon to reveal new, exciting functions.

Apart from being connected to the physical warehouses in the Nordics that in total has about a million tires in the high season in storage, the new webshop is also fully integrated with remote storage facilities belonging to tire manufacturers that collaborate with the NDI Group. In this way, the customers get even more opportunities to find the right product quickly and easily.

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