Rolling in a more sustainable way


As part of the ambitions to reduce environmental impact and try out new, environmentally friendly technologies, and become more environmentally sustainable, the NDI Group has invested in an electric MAN eTGE van.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2021 became an area of strategic focus at the NDI Group in 2021 to support the ambitions to assume greater social responsibility and reduce its environmental impact, including CO2 emissions. As part of its specific focus on the 12th and 13th Sustainable Development Goals, the NDI Group has initiated a trial with an electric MAN eTGE van to transport rims and tires to the customers in the area of Odense.

- We have started a trial with an electric van that we have rented for one year as a beginning. The purpose is to get experience with more sustainable transport solutions as part of our work with the Sustainable Development Goals as we wish to contribute with usable solutions, tells Claus Gutfeld, Head of Distribution & Decentralized Warehouses in Denmark at the NDI Group.

A small step
According to Claus Gutfeld, the electric van is not yet fully competitive with a diesel-driven van when looking at the total cost of ownership, but the financials is according to Claus Gutfeld, not the only success criteria:

- If we look at it from a purely economic perspective, the solution is a bit more expensive than a diesel-driven van, but for us, the environmental benefit and the importance of getting experience with new technologies are also significant. With the speed of technological development, it makes sense for us to become part of the electric transformation and try out how it works in practice. Even though it is only one van so far and a little step on a long road, we believe it can be a good beginning, says Claus Gutfeld.

Good feedback
Ole H. Madsen, driving manager at the NDI Group, and his drivers have already gained good experiences with the electric van on the first trips to the customers:

- The customers have received us positively when we in the electric van silently have been rolling up on their driveways. Many of our customers are also thinking about the possibilities of changing to electric vehicles. So already now, we experience that we have good dialogues with the customers, that we can share experiences and maybe inspire them a little. That is very positive to experience, he says.

Electrification in focus
The NDI Group has ordered two electric vans, and the second will, according to the plans, be delivered in the spring of 2022. Apart from that, the NDI Group has also recently installed electric chargers at the headquarters in Brørup, and the company also has plans to install more chargers for its employees and customers.

- Apart from the test with the electric van, we have installed electrical chargers in Brørup with plans to supplement with more chargers next year. When the new, larger storage in Sweden and Norway opens, we will also have electric charging stations at the facilities. In this way, we can help make it easier for our employees to drive electric cars and offer charging as an extra service to our customers when they visit us. These are among the first small steps we take to begin the green transition of our company following the UN Sustainable Development Goals, says communication manager at the NDI Group, Jens Jakob Velasco Hansen.


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