Largest investment in green energy in company history


The NDI Group has signed an agreement of the largest investment in green energy in the history of the company.

More than 14.000 square metres of roof will be covered with more than 6.000 solar panels in a new, green energy project with the aim of making the NDI Group self-sufficient with green energy and contribute to the green transition. The expected total energy production of the solution will be 2,5 megawatt per year.

- We have invested in what is so far the largest green transition project in the history of our company. The purpose is to contribute in creating a more sustainable environment and take responsibility for our surrounding society in accordance with the 12th and 13th United Nations Development Goals focusing on responsible consumption and production, and climate action. Therefore we have made a two-digit million investment, equivalent of about 20 percent of the earnings of the company, in the installation of solar panels in combination with heat pumps. When the project is done we will be self-sufficient with green energy, says CEO René Kristensen.

Largest project in five years
The large amount of solar panels will according to the plan be installed on the roof of several of the big storage facilities of the NDI Group. According to the construction project manager of the company, Kasper Løvstrup, it will be one of the largest construction projects at the company headquarters in many years:

- It is the largest construction project we have had in Brørup in five years. Besides the many thousands of solar panels that will be set up on the roof, we will also install seven big air to water heating pumps and connect all the installations, so we can supply our office- and production environments with the right amount of electricity and heating. We still have the possibility to use gas as an extra energy source on the very cold days, but we will only use a third of what we have consumed earlier, Kasper Løvstrup says and continues:

- It is a bit of a dream to get the opportunity to be part of such an exciting and demanding project that will have a big, positive impact on the environmental footprint of the company. We look very much forward in getting started and realize the project in collaboration with our partners ProEnergi, Phønix Tag, KK Partner, and Gunnar Kristensen VVS, who has helped us and will help us in the future to get all installations in place and connected.

The NDI Group expects that the project has a payback time of less than 10 years and will be finished during 2023.

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