Alliance Tire Group is now Yokohama Off-Highway Tires


The global tire company Yokohama Rubber Cmpany Ltd. has consolidated its department of various off-highway tires, so Alliance Tire Group in the future will be part of one entity called Yokohama Off-Highway Tires (OHT) that is launched along with a new, visual identity.

In 2016 the tire company Alliance was acquired by Yokohama, and in January 2021, the next step has been taken as Yokohama’s three brands Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex, now has become part of one entity called Yokohama Off-Highway Tires. This means that the term Alliance Tire Group (ATG) no longer will be used, while the website will be changed to The brand names Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex will continue to exist.

- We very happy that Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex gets an even stronger connection to Yokohama, so we can continue offering our customers access to a broad selection of tires that, with the help of Yokohama’s know-how and market-leading tire technology can offer the customers a highly competitive total cost of ownership and set new standards about what you can expect of a tire in its price range, sales manager at NDI Agro, Jakob Nannberg Scheel says.

The NDI Group has distributed tires from Alliance since 1982 when Skånsk Däck Import in Sweden started a collaboration with the NDI Group in Denmark. In 1987, Skånsk Däck Import was fully acquired by the NDI Group and renamed NDI Sweden. Since then, Alliance has developed a lot, and at the NDI Group, CCO Allan Pedersen looks forward to following the continued development in the future:

- We look forward to seeing how Yokohama in the new organization can further strengthen the development of Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex for the benefit of our customers in the farming- and machine contractor business, among others. We believe there is a big potential in the market for the cost- and quality- conscious customers, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration with Yokohama, he says.

Yokohama OHT is specialized in designing, developing, producing, and marketing tires to various industries, including the farming-, forestry-, construction-, and mining industry, among many others. Yokohama OHT is sold across 120 markets, and the brands of Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex offer a total product portfolio of more than 4.000 SKU's (stock-keeping units).

The global organization of Yokohama OHT has its leadership teams based in Tokyo, Boston, Amsterdam, and Mumbai, and the production takes place in eight factories located in four countries. Moreover, Yokohama OHT has R & D departments in Japan, India, and the USA.

Read more about Yokohama OHT here.

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